HPerformance ethanol engine pack 2.5 TFSI CEPA CEPB CZGB TT RS RS3 RS Q3

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HPerformance ethanol engine pack


Product details:

  • Ethanol engine pack in various compression Levels (10,0:1 / 10,5:1 / 11,0:1)
  • Suitable to any application (street / drag / circuit) setups
  • Designed & tested above 1300WHP / 1300NM
  • Handles alcohol based fuels (E85 / XE85 / E100 / one ethanol S/R)
  • Combineable with methanol fuel contet / WMI setups
  • Supplyed with all components needed to reasseble the engine


  • Customized JE Pistons Ultra Series (built by HP specifications)
  • HP X-beam rods HRC 41 & 26mm small end design (unique)
  • ACL rod bearings
  • AUDI cylinder head gasket
  • AUDI exhaust manifold gasket
  • AUDI exhaust manifold screws
  • AUDI lower intake manifold gasket
  • AUDI upper intake manifold gasket
  • AUDI oil return line gasket
  • AUDI injector gaskets
  • AUDI liquid sealant
  • AUDI front main gasket
  • AUDI head screws
  • Supertech Valve springs & retainers

Product description:
The HPerformance ethanol engine pack is designed to fit any customer demand. Either daily street driving, circuit race driving or quarter mile races, we advise you the best choice. This engine pack can handle all kind of alcohol based fuels as well as methanol content and is designed for power levels of 1300WHP and 1300NM. Engine packs need to be tailored to the car setup. Hybrid turbo builds like TC800XT or TC900XT or full frame setups should be tailored in terms of compression level and fuel to have the maximum best output. The Pistons of our engine packs are custom deisgned by HPerformance regarding tolerances (piston to wall clearance), components (bolts), materials and overall measures and coatings and produced by JE Piston using their best Ultra Series materials. By that we prevent negative aspects like rattle noise, blow by, or wearing that cause engine break downs very quickly. The rods are also designed by HPerformance and have some unique features. The material grade which is often hidden in the web is a major key fact regarding the strength of rods. Our rods have HRC (hardness after rockwell) level 41 and a special 26mm small end design that reduces piston pin bending by stress and handles more power on top. The supertech valve springs help to keep the valves operating even under high RPM and load levels. After various material and stress tests we found out, that the oem head bolts supplyed by AUDI deliever more clamping force than many of the aftermarket bolt Solutions and they dont need to be re-tightened, what bolts need to be. The engine pack Comes furthermore with all gaskets and sealants that are needed to reassemble your engine. That saves a lot of stress and ensures a straight forward buid.

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